Danish Fundamental Metrology A/S

Danish Fundamental Metrology (DFM) is the national metrology institute (NMI) of Denmark, and thereby provides traceable measurements and calibrations to industry. In relation to the MIRDIAL project, DFM holds expertise within absolute trace-gas measurements, spectroscopic methods, and optical parametric oscillators.


NLIR provides fast and sensitive optical detector modules for measuring optical radiation in the mid-infrared (MIR) region – also known as the spectroscopic fingerprint region. The modules are based on nonlinear sum-frequency generation in a nonlinear crystal. which translates the MIR light to near-infrared light where cheap and efficient optical detectors are readily available.  

HC Photonics

HC Photonics is specialized in manufacturing nonlinear crystals which are indispensable components for achieving broadband tunable wavelength conversion. Their portfolio includes various kinds of periodically poled (PPXX) nonlinear crystals allowing for wide coverage in the visible, near-, and mid-infrared spectral regions.

Cimel Electronique

Cimel Electronique is a renowned manufacturer and provider of atmospheric and meteorological monitoring systems and solutions.  With many decades of experience within LiDAR technology, Cimel Electronique provides know-how that will be vital to the success of MIRDIAL.